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The ultimate objective of Family and Consumer Science Education (FACS) is to help students learn and incorporate the necessary skills to have productive, complete, and knowledgeable lives.  

A prepared student studying FCS lessons and units will:

1. Fulfill family and work roles relationships

2. Explore, develop and demonstrate workplace skills

3. Demonstrates care-giving and nurturing skills

4. Assess individual growth and healthy choices

5. Exhibits responsible consumer behavior and determines its effect on the family

6. Assess effects of social and technological changes on the family

7. Participates in and understands the inter-relatedness of family, social and civic activities and his/her responsibility as a citizen. 


The Health Education Standards are as follows:

1. Core Concepts: Apply health promotion and disease prevention concepts and principles to personal, family, and community health issues.

2. Access Information: Access valid health information and appropriate health promoting products and services. 

3. Health Behaviors: Practice health enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks.  

4. Influences: Analyze the influence of cultural beliefs, media, and technology on health.

5. Goal Setting: Use goal setting skills to enhance health. 

6. Decision Making: Use decision-making skills to enhance health.

7. Social Skills: Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication and other social skills which enhance health.

8. Advocacy: Demonstrate advocacy skills for enhanced personal, family, and community health.


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