Life Skills

 Course Description:


This course covers three units during a nine-week quarter. 


Students will learn:


·         Kitchen Skills: kitchen safety, food safety, kitchen utensils and appliances, kitchen fundamentals, recipe terms, measuring information, demonstration of the kitchen lab, cleaning a kitchen, and experience using a kitchen. 


·         Nutrition:  using, we cover food groups, 6 essential nutrients, serving sizes, and reading food labels.  In addition, we discuss their current diet and how to make healthy choices, “Think your Drink” healthy beverage choices, and fast food choices (because fast food is unavoidable).     


·         Babysitting skills: good babysitter skills, dealing with misbehavior, basic care skills, safety to look for in the house, safety when playing with children, and basic first aid skills.  In addition, we discuss the business of becoming a babysitter.