Health Education

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Welcome to Health Education!

The purpose of this class is to increase your awareness and knowledge of today’s most critical health issues.  You will develop wise decision making skills by exploring health related topics such as Health and Wellness, Self Esteem issues, Stress Management, Depression and Suicide, Alcohol, Tobacco, and other addictions, HIV/AIDS, STD’s/STI’s, Reproductive Health, Fitness and Nutrition.  Upon completion of the course you will have the necessary skills to apply throughout your lifetime in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make informed health decisions.


In this course, students will cover the topics through the Health Skills:

Unit 1: Healthy Foundation: students will learn about the 3 aspects of health, the health continuum, and the health skills.

Unit 2: Analyzing Influences: students will explore the influences on their health decisions, risk behaviors and look at the YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey by the CDC).

Unit 3: Accessing Information: students will look at the various techniques used to advertise health products and complete an online website analysis to verify if the site provides correct information.

Unit 4: Advocacy: students will learn ways to promote health and about preventing health fraud.  They will write a letter of advocating for their health.

Unit 5: Decision-Making and Goal-Setting: students will work through the decision-making model.  In addition, they will write SMART goals for short-term and through the long-term model.  

Unit 6: Mental Health: While this unit is not listed as a health skill, the information is linked to other health skills.  We will cover various mental health disorders, suicide prevention, and where people can seek help for their mental health.  

Unit 7: Practice Healthy Behaviors: The health skill is broken into two units.  The first is an extension of mental health; Personality development and stress management.  Students will explore personality tests, learning styles, self-esteem boosters, and ways to manage their stress.

Unit 8: Practice Healthy Behaviors: The second half consists of learning about Nutrition.  HHS offers a semester long course learning about nutrition and cooking skills for 10-12 graders.  This is a quick reference for students.  In the nutrition unit, students will consider the nutrients they eat, portion sizes, myplate, reading food labels, eating disorders, and maintaining a healthy weight.  

Unit 9: Communication and Healthy Relationships: Students will learn healthy ways to communicate with others and practice the skills in the classroom.  Communication goes hand-in-hand with relationships.  Students will look at characteristics of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, the "3 C's" of health relationships, and having healthy friendships.  LACASA will visit the classroom to discuss violence in relationships.  

Unit 10: Conflict Resolution: This unit will help students resolve conflicts with others (friends, dating, parents, colleagues, etc).  We will discuss the causes of conflict, some common defense mechanisms, the effects of conflict, and ways to resolve it.  Conflict happens and it is healthy!  (as long as it get resolved in a healthy manner)

Unit 11: Refusal Skills: This will be the longest unit of study, therefore we will have several tests between topics.  In this unit, students will explore the topics of Reproductive Health, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs.  

Our class will host a parent evening to discuss the Reproductive Health Unit.  Usually this meeting takes place before Open House.  Please stay tuned for date and time.