Human Growth and Development

Human Growth and Development (HGD) is a class that covers the basics of life and making healthy choices for ourselves.  The lessons are designed to have students working in small groups as well as on an individual basis.  In addition to class activities, students will read from a text book and complete worksheets. 

This is a very exciting class for the 7th graders to learn about making healthy choices.  It is a great achievement to reach a set goal.  We have students create and set goals for themselves. 

Our topics include:

1. Hygiene and Body Image

2. Adolescent Changes and Bullying

3. Male and Female Reproductive Systems

4. Marriage and Parenthood

5. Pregnancy and Childbirth

6. Relationships and Communication

7. Abstinence

8. STDs/STIs, including HIV and AIDS




I am looking for donations in the class.  If you are interested in donating colored pencils, plain copy paper, glue, scissors, Kleenex, washable markers, Expo Markers, or poster board, please send it to school with your child .  Another option would be drop the donation off in the main office with my name on it.