Senior Math: Algebra 3

Course Description
This class is an extension of Algebra 2 beginning with a  brief review of solving linear equations and inequalities. The focus of the class is placed on real-life applications using linear, rational, radical, and quadratic functions. Also emphasized are polynomials, equations, factoring techniques, rational expressions, rational exponents, and complex numbers. The goal of this class to prepare students for a college level math course by providing an extensive review of algebra topics at a college level pace. 

How is this class preparing me for college?
The curriculum for this class is based on the Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra curriculum taught at local colleges. Many local colleges require that students pass College Algebra (or higher) in order to graduate. Our hope is that this class will prepare you for the math requirement at the college you attend. 

There are 1000 points possible for the semester.

Five Unit Tests – 100 points each
Two Quizzes Per Unit – 15 points each
Final Exam – 200 points
Miscellaneous Assignments – 150 points total