English 11 Syllabus

English 11 - 2012


This course is designed to expose students to a variety of American literature in which the protagonist is a young adult dealing with the issues of coming of age.  Through analysis of literary elements and social issues, students will enhance their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

This is not a required course for graduation; however, it does fulfill the American literature (reading component) requirement.  It is a year long course and is credited with a full English credit. A straight scale is used for grades with the semester grade being determined by forty percent of each quarter and twenty percent of the final exam.  Students must pass at least one quarter in order to receive credit.  Quarter grades are determined on a points system (Exams 30%, Essays 30%, Quizzes 20%, Activities 20%).


Course goals:

1.      Students will become familiar with various genres of American literature

dealing with young adults and adversity in life.

2.      Students will increase their understanding of literary techniques through oral

and written analysis of literature, i.e. setting, plot, characterization, theme, tone, mood, and point of view.

3.      Students will gain recognition of issues and trends in American culture.

4.      Students will improve their writing skills through frequent personal writings, formal compositions, and evaluations of literary selections.

5.      Students will view reading as an enjoyable, life-long activity.


Reading options:

            Of Mice and Men                   Go Ask Alice

            The Catcher in the Rye          A Separate Peace

            The Bean Trees                      The Great Gatsby

            Black Boy                               Slaughterhouse Five

 ****Corresponding/applicable videos may be incorporated


Student expectations:

-Students are expected to adhere to the code of conduct.

-Students will need to take notes daily and are encouraged to review them regularly.

-Students are required to bring the assigned novel to class daily.

-Missed tests and quizzes are the responsibility of the student.

To the parent(s):  I encourage your children to speak to you about what we are reading.  I am a parent of three and I know how much you care for your children.  If you ever feel the need to speak to me, my cell phone number is (734) 604-7148 or email at carrierr@howellschools.com.


Thank You,

Ryan Carriere