Ms. Ash's Home Page

Welcome!  This page provides some general information for the English courses I teach.  For the specific course descriptions and materials that apply, please go to the subpage title with the appropriate course name: either English 11,  Honors American Literature, Humanities or Strategic Literacy. I want you to be successful in this class.  Please be sure to talk with me if you are having any difficulties.  It is expected that you will check your progress on the PowerSchool gradebook system.  Parents can e-mail me ( if there are any questions or concerns.  



1.      The student is expected to come to class prepared.  This entails having paper, a black pen, pencil, the textbook or novel, and completed homework.


2.      There is no eating, drinking (except bottled water) in the classroom.


3.      Electronics are not allowed during class.


4.      It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was covered during an absence.  The daily activity sheet (calendar) is posted for that very reason.  Contact a classmate or e-mail me during the school day to find out what is being covered in class during your absence.


5.      One day for every day of an excused absence will be given to complete any make-up work; after that it is considered late.  Late assignments will not receive full credit (-50%). 


6.      Extra credit will be offered periodically; however, unlike regular assignments, it will not be accepted late regardless of the reason.


7.      Quarter grades will be determined by the percentage of the total points possible.   The class operates on a straight scale.  The semester grade consists of 40% of each quarter plus 20% of the final exam. 


8.      Any missing quizzes or tests can only be made up before or after my (Ms. Ash’s) school schedule---not during class.



9.      Please be positive.  Derogatory language, swearing, and put-downs will not be tolerated.