Humanities Course Description



Course Description

Humanities provides college preparatory experience for students with advanced skills in language arts through the study of the relationship between the culture and the arts of Western civilization.  History, literature, fine arts, philosophy, and music from ancient times to the present are explored and compared with emphasis on both oral and written analysis.  A research paper on a topic in humanities is required.


Course Objectives

The student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of works and persons of early civilizations and recognize their continuing significance.

  • Identify relevant social and cultural issues in early civilizations.

  • Apply appropriate strategies when reading selections that vary in content, difficulty, and style.

  • Demonstrate research skills

  • Analyze and interpret both fiction and non-fiction selections.

  • Improve formal writing skills.

  • Improve grammar skills.



  • Students will be issued a course textbook, The Humanities.

  • Students need a folder or notebook for notes, homework, and various handouts, as staying organized is one step toward success in class.

  • Students need a folder that will remain in the classroom for writing assignments.

  • Students should check academic progress on Power School regularly.

 Using the website:   To locate handouts and worksheets, go to the "Humanities Worksheets" subpage and select the appropriate unit. For assigned reading from the course's textbook, go to "Humanties Textbook."