Strategic Literacy

Course Description:

Strategic Literacy offers students several opportunities for reading and writing development.  Students will learn and practice various reading strategies as well as organization skills, study skills, and test taking skills.  The course is designed to support students in their core English class.

Assessment and  evaluation:

Students will demonstrate their understanding through participation in class activities.  The grade in Strategic Literacy is based on the student's performance in his/her English 11 class.  Thus, the grade is based on the following: A student will receive a "Pass" in Strategic Literacy if he/she earns a "C" or above in English 11.  If the student earns a "D" or "F" in English 11, the Strategic Literacy grade will be "No Credit."   Strategic Literacy Powerschool will record participation in various activities.

Classroom Rules:

The same rules from English 11 apply.