summer assignment 2016 tutorials and practice

As you know most of the summer assignment required review of previously learned topics.  Make certain to work on memorizing the solubility rules and ions.  Formula writing should be able to be performed with confidence at the start of the year.  Also, problems that involve stoichiometry should be easily performed.  If you never learned how to use an "ICE" box/chart to complete limiting and excess stoichiometry problems, please make every effort to learn this technique before the start of the year.  Listed below you  will see a link to a "pencast" on ICE box.  A pencast is a tutorial with visual and audio that you may play.  Make sure you have Adobe reader XI or later on your computer.  Download the pencast to your computer and then open it with Adobe.  You should then be able to view it like a lecture. 

I have also attached a pencast for combustion analysis problems which is the only new material from the summer assignment.  Again, open it with adobe XI.  If you have any questions email me.  I will respond within a day or two.  If there are many of you with questions/needing help I can arrange a day to be at school for help before the due date.

DUE BEFORE SCHOOL- Finally and of utmost importance   please read the lab safety rules found on the AP chem home page.  Download and complete the student/parent form found alongside the rules. Return this signed form with you summer assignment. 

strategy for memorizing polyatomic ions - memorize the "ates"  formula and charge.  Then notice all "ites" have one less oxygen.  "Bi" means add hydrogen and because hydrogen is a 1+, the charge now becomes one less -.  For example sulfate   SO4  2-.  Sulfite = SO3  2-.  Bisulfate is HSO4  1-.   Bisulfite is HSO3  1-.  (website won't allow me to type subscripts)

combustion analysis additional practice ans start with #4

additional practice with limiting and excess  use ICE BOX