Photography 1

Welcome to the home page for Ms. Vlahos' classes. Here you will find assignment descriptions, resources, and project due dates for Photo 1, Photo 2, and Ceramics. Please select the class link on the left to access further information for each class.
Explore and get inspired!
Photographer's Forum
Digital Photo Magazine
HHS Photography Flickr
MSNBC - This Week in Pictures
MSNBC photo website
Popular Photo - Photo of the Day
Awesome Photography Techniques and Tutorials
These are awesome!
Time's Pictures of the Week
Digital Photo for Dummies Cheat Sheet
Cheat sheet all about digital photo basics
The Photo Taking Orangutan
NBC Learn Video
Camera Simulator
Virtual SLR Camera
10 questions every photographer should ask themselves
read this article
How to Install a New Font
Instructions of how to add a new font on a Mac
Shutter Bee Camera Simulator
another great camera simulator
Kamera Simulator
a camera simulator spelled with a K
Getting to know your DSLR-Buttons!
youtube video tutorial about DSLR buttons
Depth of Field
tutorial video about depth of field
Elements of Composition Video
Information about Pattern, Point of View and Rules of Thirds
Shutter Speed- Freezing Motion Video
video tutorial about shutter speed and freezing motion
Shutter Speed-Capturing Motion (Panning)
Video tutorial about shutter speed and capturing motion
Slow Shutter Magic
video tutorial about the magic of a slow shutter
Shutter Speed for Beginners
great intro to shutter speed
How to Shoot a Splash Scene
For fast shutter speed.
Video for shooting water droplets
Water Splashes D.I.Y.
easy to follow and fun to do!
How to take photos of water splashes
How to Take Photos of Water Splashes
video tutorial about exposure
Painting with Light
Extra Credit Opportunity! Tutorial of how to use slow shutter speed and paint with light
Multiplicity Tutorial
how to create a multiplicity photo
Awesome Color Dominance Photo Examples
great link for ideas
DIY Water Bottle Tripod
Make a tripod for your camera.
White Balance Video
How to adjust white balance and color on your camera
Photo Effects Tutorials
Handy tutorials that might help with your In Style/ReCreation Project
How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop
This one works!
Mythological Creature Tutorial
link to tutorial