Photography 2

Dear Photograph
An amazingly simple idea that is very well executed.
10 Questions Every Photographer Should Ask Themselves
Photo 2 Flickr
get inspired by our fellow photographers!
Erik Johansson-Photography
"Impossible Photography"
5 Elements of Composition
Project ARTiculate
elements and principles of design
Elements and Principles of Design Photographs Video
Elements & Principles of Art Photography Video
video montage of photos that cover the elements and principles of design
Andy Goldsworthy Photo of Elements/Principles
Awesome Samples of Student Concentration
check it out!
How to Write an Artist Statement that doesn't suck
Sample Artist Statements
Great samples of well written artist statements
Using the Liquify Tool
How to Shoot Creative Portraits of Animals
-check out this high school girl's website
Become a Photoshop Ninja!
Awesome Photoshop Tricks For your Concentrations!
These are handy!
Four Easy Photoshop Techniques to make your Pictures Pop!
Use photoshop it is your friend!
Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography
In our own backyard!
Lens Culture: Contemporary Photography Magazine
Art Support for Photography
get some help and inspiration from photographers
100 Wonderful Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials
This is awesome!
Zombify Yourself
make yourself and your friends into zombies
Food Photography: How'd They Do That?
video of food and prop photographer/stylist Kim Krejca
Studio Photography Tutorial: Food
food photography basics
How to take Stunning Food Photos
How to make your food shots look amazing!
Balance in Photography
-tips for how to work with balance in photograhpy
Shape in Photography
tips for photographing shape
Visual Element of Shape
Another page of the visual element shape
Create Your Own Bokeh
Super easy super cool bokeh effect.
Digital Photography School Pinterest Site
Shoot Ink Drops in Water
How to shoot ink drops from start to finish.
Our Wikispace
link to it
Beautiful Bokeh!
just beautiful
Anna Dodd's Video Entry
IM Creator
another free website creator
Rhythm in Photography
Narrative Photography
Taylor Jones Dear Photograph Photographer
ABC news video
Photo Contests
Info website for all sorts of photography contests
Jump Photos
great examples of jump photos
How to take a great jump photo
Tricks for a good jumping photo
helpful hints for a successful jump photo
Amazing Fall Photos
inspiration for Fall
Camera-less Mirror Self Portraits
Sensational Abandoned Places in the World
really cool abandoned places
Taking Great Macro Photos with your Normal Lens
Creative Photographs of Hands
ideas for hands photographs