Digital Imaging

Realistic Box in Illustrator
Create a realistic box using the pen tool in Illustrator
Mesh Tool Man
Learn how to create a sphere using the Mesh Tool in Illustrator
Cool Water Ripple Tutorial
Create a realistic water ripple in Illustrator
Realistic Fire
Create a realistic fire using blend tool in Illustrator
Da Font
great site for awesome fonts
Miniature Photo
make a photo look a miniature city or landscape
Planet Photoshop
create a planet in photoshop
Zombie Me
Zombify yourself!
Gradient Mesh Bag
Create a realistic bag using a Gradient Mesh
Super Fun Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
70 Illustrator tutorials to check out!
Disco Ball
Create a Disco Ball in Illustrator
Halloween Pumpkin Tutorial
Make a jack-o-lantern!
Yearbook Yourself
Ever wanted to go back in time? Here is your chance!
free cool photo editing website
Google Art Project
Take a trip to a Museum!
Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
tutorials galore!
Drawing Glass Objects Tutorial Video
Photoshop Text Effects
Easy Photoshop Text Effects
Cartoon Kid Tutorial Photoshop
Learn to use the crop tool, hue and saturation, and filters.
Human Animal Hybrid
Tutorial to lean transform and warp tools
Sculptris Link
download sculptris from here!
50 greatest Movie Trailers
the top movie trailers of all time
10 elements of a good movie trailer
all you need to know to make a good movie trailer