Basic PE/Swim

Howell Public Schools

Basic Physical Education

Class Overview and Expectations

HHS/HHSFC Physical Education Department

NOTE: It is understood that you will read this packet with your parents, and by the Friday of the second week of school you will have brought any family concerns to the staff to be worked out.  Otherwise, it is implicit that you will abide these policies.

NOTE:  If you have any medical condition of which the staff should be aware please take care to do so before the first day of activity. 

In the Gym:

Floor Hockey/Team Handball:  Skills include passing, catching, shooting, basic rules & offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

Basketball:  Skills include passing, catching, shooting, dribbling, basic rules & offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

Volleyball:  Skills include passing, setting, spiking, serving, basic rules & offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

Football:  Skills include throwing, catching, basic rules and offensive & defensive aspects of the game.

Softball:  Skills include hitting, base running, pitching/throwing, catching, basic rules and offensive & defensive aspects of the game.

Indoor Soccer:  Skills include passing, dribbling/shooting, basic rules & offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

Cardiovascular Fitness/Endurance and Physical Fitness Testing:  The development of overall physical fitness will be achieved through student participation in bi-weekly running, jogging, strength and aerobic station work.  Evaluation of student fitness level will be measured through bi-semester assessment in physical fitness tests areas.  Fitness areas include; 12-minute mile run (competence required for passage of class), flexed arm hang, sit-ups, sit-and-reach, trunk extension, body fat % and height/weight (BMI).

Gym/Pool Rules: 


Any questions about student conduct will be referred to P.R.I.D.E. and  the State of Michigan’s Physical Education Curriculum standard that Students in PE will “…demonstrate appropriate behavior which exemplify each of the following personal/social character traits; compassion, confidence, cooperation, fairness, honesty, loyalty, perseverance, respect, responsibility, self-discipline, and work.”



ersonal Responsibility









Absolute rules and responsibilities of each student:

These rules are not negotiable.  Failure to comply will result in unit failure.

o    Be kind to one another.

o    Never enter the weight room without instructor/coach supervision.

o    Never get near the pool water without expressed permission of the instructor.                                        

Supplementary rules:

Be Respectful of others’
o    Personal space
o    Property
o    Feelings
Be Responsible
o    Students are held responsible to attend classes and arrive/depart promptly.
o    Students are held responsible for being prepared for class, wear appropriate clothing and follow the dress code.
o    Students are responsible for their behavior.  It is expected that they behave in a mature and respectful manner.
o    Students are responsible for sustaining a high level of activity engagement.
Be Reasonable
o    Grades, make-up time, and other items you may need teacher help with may take time or extra student steps to complete.  Be proactive and make appointments early.
o    Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when learning new skills.  New skills take time.

What should I bring?

Gym - In class, a second set of clothes must be worn on a daily basis.  A top, sweatpants or shorts, socks and gym shoes all of appropriate variety are mandatory.  The school dress code still applies in gym.  For safety reasons, without appropriate athletic foot wear, participation will not be allowed.  Participation points will be deducted for not dressing and those cannot be made up.

Pool - In the pool, an appropriate bathing suit (WARNING: if you wear a 2-piece bikini or shorts/swim trunks without a tie string, it will NOT remain on you during the execution of certain swim skills), towel, hair tie (if you have shoulder length or longer hair) and a t-shirt and shorts over your bathing suit, if it would make you more comfortable.

Locker Rooms - Showers are available, but you must bring your own soap, shampoo and towel.  Varsity sport lockers will not be available during the school day.  You will need to maintain an exclusive PE locker.  Additionally, you may decide to maintain a third locker during your swim units.  You may rent a lock(s) from the district for $5 each, which will be returned to you at the end of the semester upon return of the lock(s).  You may also bring your own lock(s) from home.  Do not share locks, keys or combinations and take care to not bring valuables to the locker room.  Lockers are your responsibility!

Principles to avoid blood borne disease transmission - MRSA “Super-bug” (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).  Wash hands often with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  Do NOT share personal items (towels, bar soap, wash clothes, razors, or clothing).  Seek care immediately at first signs of infection (red, swollen, painful, warm wounds that are draining pus).  Keep wounds clean and covered with a dry bandage, especially if the wound is draining.  Follow healthcare providers’ instructions on proper wound care.  Throw away soiled bandages.  Avoid contact with other people’s wounds or bandages.  Wash all clothes, towels and sheets in water with laundry detergent at hottest suitable temperature.  Add bleach, if desired.  Dry in a dryer at hottest suitable temperature.

What can I expect on a daily basis?                                    

In the gym/pool: Three days per week will be activity/game days, while two days per week will be aerobic, strength and station work days.  In PE class, you will have five (5) minutes, after the bell, in the locker room to dress for class.  Attendance will be taken from your gym space at that time.  If you are not in your gym space when attendance begins, you are tardy/absent.  If you are late to class you must check in with the teacher or you will be marked absent.  Please use the restroom and take care of all personal problems during changing times, as locker rooms will be locked during class time.  You will be dismissed 8-10 minutes before the end of class to re-dress.  Check the white board between the locker room doors, daily, for class information and announcements. 

General Policies

The attendance policy and code of conduct of the Howell Public Schools will be strictly enforced.  Absences may be made up at the end of each quarter.  There will be after school class make-up sessions scheduled by the PE Dept.  School related absences must be made up and are counted against the grade but not the school attendance policy. 

Injury Policies

Only a Doctor’s note may excuse a student from daily activity.  When procuring the note, please ask what activity might not interfere with recovery.  The PE Department is happy to make accommodations to allow a student to remain physically active and earn credit during rehabilitation.  If the Doctor’s note precludes one from any and all physical activity for a prolonged period of time, than placement in this class is NOT appropriate; and an Administrator should be contacted.


Each day the student will receive a grade for their attendance and promptness, participation, dress, and level of engagement while completing the daily objectives for the class.  Each student will be graded daily on a four (4) point system.  Outdoor activities are planned for you and you should dress accordingly.  Classes go outside unless it is 35 degrees or raining at the beginning of class. 

Four (4) Point System:           

o   Attendance and Promptness

o   Appropriate Dress and Preparedness

o   Behavior

o   Level of Engagement

Semester Grade is figured – Forty-five (45%) 1st quarter, Forty-Five (45%) 2nd quarter, Ten (10%) Final Exam.

In the gym:

Participation -  @75% of your grade

  • All required days and health related fitness tests must be made up or an incomplete will result.
  • Includes dress, attitude, participation and behavior components

Team standings - @5%

  • The total standings of all activity teams on which you participated each quarter.

Fitness tests - @5%

  • All tests must be completed or an incomplete will result

Written Units of Activity - @15%

  • Packets will be given each quarter. 
  • 5 points per day late will be deducted from tardy packets.  Zero credit after 2 days.
  • Students are responsible for making sure each of these packets have the student’s name, hour and date.  All answers must be answered completely and in full sentences. 

In the pool: Lessons

Participation -  @75% of your grade

  • Includes dress, attitude, participation and behavior components.

Final physical swim skills test - @ 25%

  • Third (3rd) and Fourth (4th) level certification in American Red Cross swimming will be awarded for >84% on the level III or IV portion of the swim test.

Note: If teacher is absent from the pool additional activity packet work may become necessary!