Teen Living

This course covers the following Units: Sew Busy, Inc (basic sewing and employability skills), Get a Grip! (self-management skills), Navigating Life! (Problem solving, communication, relationship skills, leadership & citizenship, and conflict resolution), Mind your P's and Q's (guide to good manners and etiquette), and Money Basics (saving money, check writing, needs vs wants, creating a budget).

Students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities, presentations and cooperative learning groups.   


Student Learning Goals:

1. Identify employability traits

2. Explain the connection between school skills and work skills

3. Demonstrate sewing safety techniques

4. Complete sewing a pillow project (purchased through the class or on their own)

5. Implement self-management skills through a home assignment

6. Recognize the hazards and challenges of friendships

7.  Practice conflict management strategies

8.  Identify health money management skills and create a budget for self

9.  Demonstrate good manners and setting a table for a picnic in the classroom

10.  Demonstrate Respect for all