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Bienvenue à la classe française!

Please use this classroom web page as a resource for songs and videos as well as links to free, online websites or applications. 

Practice whenever and wherever in order to build your skills to use in future studies, travels, personal connections and future business ventures!

Numbers 1-20 sung by Jamaican worms
Sing along with Jamaican worms to learn your numbers in French 1-20!
Les chiffres rap, numbers 1-20
Learn your French numbers 1-20 with Les Chiffres rap!
Dans ma salle de classe
Learn classroom vocabulary from this song.
Etre song (to be)
Learn how to conjugate the verb etre and about adjective agreement.
Aller song (to go)
Learn how to conjugate the verb aller in this catchy song.
French -er Verb Conjugation Song
Remember how to conjugate -er verbs with this song.
Avoir Song
The verb avoir is conjugated in a song.
French Lesson: Conjugate -ER verbs
Conjugate -er verbs, like aimer (to like/to love)
Mes vacances
Watch this Power Point presentation set to the melody of the song, Holiday, and learn travel vocabulary.
Français! Français!
"Français! Français!" is the title song off the new program by Etienne and Roland Bibeau entitled "Français! Français!".
Coffee Break French - episode 10
Learn French with Coffee Break French - episode 10 (Noel)
Les sept jours de la semaine
Les sept jours de la semaine, Etienne
Pourquoi Take French?
Etienne: Pourquoi Take French? by J.Campbell PS
Etre and Avoir
Learn French - Lesson 4 Etre and Avoir
Etienne - Salut! - A Beginning French Conversation Song
UNITE 1 REVISION: english - french
Practice unit 1 vocabulary (textbook p. 36) by reading the question in English and responding with its French equivalent.
UNITE 1 REVISION: french-english
Unit 1 review jeopardy-style, listed in French, and you respond in English.
French Colors song
J'aimes les voitures en couleurs.
Bonjour, Bonjour!
Greetings song.
French Colors reggae song
Couleurs arc-en-ciel
J'ai faim, j'ai soif song
Expressions with avoir and other irregular verbs.
Avec un gros nez song
"Ce Jeu" by Yelle
French Pop Music & Video
Paris "Aux Champs Elysées"
Notable French song & photos of Paris
Schoolkids Guess the Ancient Gadgets
Francophone elementary children try to identify outdated technology.
Joyeux Anniversaire
Happy Birthday song
Common French Phrases
Useful French words and phrases
Imparfait vs Passé Composé
Imperfect vs Present Perfect
Alouette, gentille alouette
Chante avec moi: les prepositions de location
Prepositions of Location
prepositions de lieu
Prepositions of location words
French lesson, -ir verbs
Learn -ir verb conjugations (finir = to finish) with this punny lesson.
Le Passé Composé
Children teach how to form the passe compose.
Talking about your weekend
Informal conversation in the passe compose
Je vais a l'ecole
Prepositions of location clip
How to Pronounce French Restaurant Menu Items
Les vetements
Learn clothes in French
African francophone music
Click on different leaves to hear the singers.
Noel chanson
Une chanson de noel
Le Subjonctif
une chanson pour apprendre le subjonctif
Une parodie au subjonctif
Passe Compose avec etre
Une chanson
Les taches menageres
Household tasks
Reflexive verbs
passe compose des verbes reflechis
Les pronoms Y & En