#1 – Can 6th graders run?  – YES,  they may practice with the team officially (this is an MHSAA rule).   Sixth Graders now run for points and will participate fully in the 2 mile race with the 7th and 8th graders.


#2 – When does practice start? – MANDATORY practice starts when school begins (first Wednesday after school starts) .  2:45 to 4:15PM.  Runners are to be picked up from Parker by 4:30 out in front of the Field House.


#3 – Do I need a physical – YES! a physical is REQUIRED .  Please have it before our optional runs begin in August. Physicals MUST be dated on or after April 15, 2018 to be good for the school year.


#4 – Do I have to pay the participation fee? – NO MORE PARTICIPATION FEES - We do order a team shirt at the beginning of the season and this ran about 20 dollars last year.  There will be a chance to order spirit wear as well (Spirit Wear is optional but provides a great way to get warm clothes for them to wear during the cooler days).

#5 – Is it fun? – YES!  You get to increase physical fitness and experience racing in a different setting.  You can get muddy and wet!  This will help to get you in shape for other sports as well and is something you can do for a lifetime!


#6 – Who is the coach? – Coach McCall.  I am a teacher at the Freshman Campus.  I have been a runner since high school.  I have also coached swimming, baseball, and football.  Trail running is my favorite kind of running.


#7 - Do we do any summer running?  - YES we offer a Summer Running Club open to Howell runners 6th - 8th grade.  The cost is around $30 and includes a t-shirt.  We usually run 3 days a week for the first couple of weeks of August. Check out the athletic department web page for the link with the registration form (Please visit this unofficial registration page - this allows me contact information, but does not cover payment and release forms: )

#8 - How far do we run?  The races are mostly 2 miles.  Boys and Girls run separately.  Training will vary.  We will increase our long runs as the season and runner fitness progresses.  We usually train on the Parker campus.  We have trails that we run on - terrain will vary.  Occasionally we will run on the local roads.  We will also include some work at the track.  

#9 - When are meets? Meets are most Wednesdays - September through October.  Meets usually start at 4pm and are usually over around 5pm.  Runners will ride the bus to and from the meet.  There are 2-3 invitationals that happen on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  Invitationals allow for multiple teams to come together and compete.  Runners can often earn medals for the finishing place.  Invitationals usually last several hours due to the number of races.

#10 - Do you need volunteers?  YES!!!  We really appreciate parents/grandparents that help out at our home meets and that sign up to bring snacks and water to our meets.  We usually organize this using Sign-up Genius.  We also need help at our annual Halloween run.  Another need is for someone(s) to help organize and plan our end of the season dinner.