Howell Marketing II Class Helps Animal Shelter

Howell Marketing II Class Helps Animal Shelter
Posted on 10/14/2022
Stella Shinn, Kayla Forsyth, and Lauren Doot with items donated to the animal shelter.The Public Relations team from Mr. Olszewski’s Howell High School Marketing II class started the year off with a bang by creating a fundraiser called “All For Paws”. This fundraiser focused on helping the animals at the local animal shelter in effort to provide quality care for the animals. The event ran from September 7th through October 5th to collect donations. The goal was to gather toys, blankets, treats, bones, collars, leashes, towels, and many more useful items for the Animal Shelter.

The last week of the fundraiser, the students made homemade puppy chow to sell for a limited time which sold out in the matter of days. As a result of the hardwork and determination devoted to the fundraiser, an estimated $1,000 was raised from the Howell Community fulfilling the goals that the Marketing II class hoped to achieve.

On Friday, October 7th, Stella Shinn, Kayla Forsyth, and Lauren Doot (The public relations team of Howell High School) brought the donations to the Livingston County Animal Shelter, surprising the organization and staff members! The students even got to take a look at the animals that they would be helping with the supplies that they gathered.

“It was awesome just to be able to be there in person, and know that we can support the animals in our community,” said Shinn.

The goal of the public relations team is to help out in the community in as many ways as they can. They are greatly appreciative of the way our community came together to donate! They are also very excited to work with other programs and organizations within the community!