Howell Marketing II Class Helps United Way

Howell Marketing II Class Helps United Way With Mailing
Posted on 12/02/2022
The public relations team sitting at a table.The Howell High School Marketing II Class Public Relations team continues to support the Howell Community! On November 15, 2022 they went over to United Way and helped with a substantial mailing across Michigan. The Marketing team completed over 600 envelopes over a three hour span. The United Way staff was very impressed with the amount and quality of work the team completed in that time frame. This major mailing will raise an estimated amount of $100,000 to assist individuals across the state.

United Way is a fundraising, non profit organization across the United States including 1800 locations, making United Way the largest non profit organization in the United States. United Way improves about 48 million lives per year by boosting education, health resources, and economic mobility. They help 95% of U.S communities along with 37 countries and territories.

The Public Relations team is excited to be a part of the positive impact on thousands of lives across the U.S and in their own community. They are extremely grateful to have gotten the opportunity to come out and help with the mailing while having a wonderful time doing it.

Three students standing behind a table with letters on the table.