Power School

Our teachers use PowerSchool as their gradebook to track your child's academic progress and attendance, and the PowerSchool Parent Portal gives you access to this information.

To set up your username and password to sign in:

  1. Obtain an access ID and password for each of your children. This is the account that you used in the previous system to access the parent portal. This access ID ends in "-1" and must be entered in CAPITAL letters. You will need the access ID and password for each of your children. If you don’t know them, contact your child's school.

  2. Go to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and click on Create Account.

  3. Enter your parent/guardian) information. Name Email Address Desired username Password

  4. Enter your child's information (Repeat for each child) Name Access ID (must be CAPITAL letters) Access Password Relationship

  5. Sign in to the portal with your newly created account.

Download a PDF of these instructions at PowerSchool Parent Single Sign On Directions.
PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7 or higher). Click to download for PC or Mac.