Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment at Howell High School

Students in the Howell Public Schools may qualify for enrollment in undergraduate courses in college-level accredited institutions even as they are completing required and elective coursework leading to a Howell High School diploma. Students are allowed to take up to 10 dual enrollment classes in grades 9-12. This opportunity falls within Michigan’s Public Act 160, the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act.

  • Who is eligible to Dual Enroll?
    1. Students who are in grades 9 – 12
    2. Students who have earned a qualifying score on the SAT, ACT, PLAN, PSAT, or Michigan Merit Exam in the subject that is consistent with the content area of the college class
    3. Students who are enrolled in at least one course at Howell High School.
  • What will my schedule at HHS look like?
    1. You will need to be enrolled in a minimum of one HHS class per semester.
      1. One college class will take the place of one of your HHS classes.
  • What is the cost associated with dual enrollment?
    1. There is a set amount that HPS will pay for each college class. See the billing form on the Howell High School Required Dual Enrollment Paperwork link below.
      1. The student is responsible for anything over and above the amount -
      2. Please check the website of the school you plan on attending for current tuition rates. 

    Will I earn both college and high school credit?
    1. You can choose to earn credit at HHS and your grade will factor into your high school GPA. If you choose not to count your college classes toward high school credit, your grade and credit will not be included in your GPA or total credits.
    2. You will earn college credit from the college in which you dual enroll; however, it will be up to your final college choice (after high school graduation) as to whether they will accept the credit as college credit.
  • When do I sign up?
    1. If you are interested in fall dual enrollment, it is best to see your counselor in early April of the preceding year.
    2. If you are interested in spring dual enrollment, it is best to see your counselor in early October in the current school year.
    3. Keep an eye on college admissions & registration deadlines as they vary.
  • How do I apply?
    1. Apply online to the college of your choice. It is your responsibility to know the registration deadlines for the college.
    2. Click here print off the Howell High School Required Dual Enrollment Paperwork and bring it to your Counselor.  Or, you can click HERE to complete the form online in a Fillable Dual Enrollment Form.
      1. Follow your Counselor's directions explicitly.
    3. After admittance to the college and meeting with your Counselor, meet with a College Admissions Counselor about eligible and appropriate classes.
      1. You are responsible for making sure the college has all the paperwork required.
    4. Register for classes. Keep in mind you must give yourself enough time for travel.
    5. Bring your counselor a copy of your college schedule. Payment for your college class/classes will not take place without a copy of your college schedule.
    6. When a course is complete, the student must request that official college transcripts be sent to the Howell High School Counseling Department.