Club/Activity Application Form

Club/Activity Guide and Application

Howell Public Schools Board Policy

Student Organizations

The District encourages students to broaden their knowledge and citizenship by the formation of clubs and other groups organized to promote or pursue specialized activities outside the regular classroom environment provided membership is open to all interested and eligible students, approval of the building principal and the board is obtained and a member of the faculty attends the meetings or activities as an official advisor” (JHC ).

Student Clubs

The building principal shall establish regulations for the operation of school-sponsored clubs. Such clubs shall operate for the welfare and in the best interests of the students and the school. School-sponsored clubs are those directly under the control of school personnel. Non-school clubs may not conduct their activities on school property without prior permission from the board” (HPS board policy, JHC).

“Every school club shall be sponsored by a member of the faculty appointed by the building principal. All meeting times and places of the club must have the advance approval of the faculty representative and the building principal, and the sponsor or designated representative must be present at all meetings. Every school club shall have on file in the school office a constitution approved by the student council and building principal.

The building principal may make rules and regulations as they deem necessary for the conduct of student social events” (HPS board policy, JHC-R).

Howell Student Club/Activities Guide


The student activities program at Howell High School provides students with the opportunity to plan, organize,and jointly carry out the projects and events which contribute to the enjoyment and development of the entire student body. This environment allows the students, collectively and individually, to develop pride, loyalty, commitment to community cooperation and service.


The Howell High student activities program seeks to establish skills students will utilize throughout their lives as they will:

  1. Develop respect for the worth and dignity of each individual. 
  2. Grow socially through interactions with peers and adults.
  3. Become aware of the positive relationship between accumulating life-long hobbies and activities, and living a happy, healthy, successful life. 
  4. Learn to strive for excellence in all endeavors.
  5. Identify their individual and group strengths and weaknesses through healthy interaction and competition.
  6. Develop leadership skills.
  7. Make group decisions using the process of parliamentary procedure.
  8. Understand participatory decision making skills utilized in problem solving. 

Participation Policy

“The policy of the Howell Public Schools is not to discriminate on the basis of religion, race, national origin, age,sexual orientation, sex or handicap in education programs, activities or services and to comply with all requirements and regulations of the U. S. Department of Education.

All students shall have an equal opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, all academic and extra-curricular activities and services” (GAAB).

Policies Governing Student Activities

The staff sponsor/advisor of each activity will be responsible for all rules, policies, and procedures that apply to his/her activity.

“…With the assistance of delegated members of the faculty, the principal shall approve all student activities and make certain that adequate supervision is available”


1. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
a. Student Council
b. Leadership
2. The staff/sponsor/advisor is responsible for rules, which apply outside the above. (i.e. National Honor Society, NCAA, etc.)

3. It is the duty of the staff sponsor/advisor to keep all student participants informed of rules, regulations, and guidelines

4. Each staff sponsor/advisor must annually renew the club with the principal or designee.

5. It is the duty of the staff sponsor/advisor to develop a meeting schedule, which will be provided to building principal or designee.

6. The staff sponsor/advisor will be responsible for all field trip requests as outlined in Board/District Policy.

7. The staff sponsor/advisor must seek permission of building administration, make requests for bus transportation,and seek parent/guardian permission. (School buses are available on limited basis and arrangements should be made at the beginning of the school year.)

8. The staff sponsor/advisor must be available to his/her students during the entire meeting. Upon returning from competition and/or field trip, the teacher sponsor must remain with the students until all students have been picked up by parents/guardian.

9. The staff sponsor/advisor should advise students in the organization that students may not transport other students on field trips without parent written permission and approval by building administration.

10. All activity dates must be approved by the building administration and placed on the school calendar.

11. All purchases must be approved in advance as outlined by the Howell Public Schools purchase order process. (See bookkeeper in the main office)

12. Sponsors/teachers must adhere to all fund raising /donation policies as outlined by Board Policy. (See Ms. O'Connor in the Student Management Office)

13. The staff sponsor/advisor must maintain a list of organization members, and submit attendance records for meetings held in the annual report.

14. The staff sponsor/advisor should fill out the appropriate Building Use Request in the FMX system.

Organization Requirements

To be considered an active club, the club must have met no less than once per quarter through the prior school year and completed all requirements outlined in this guide.

Upon formation, clubs will have probationary status for a period of one year.

Formation Process

Hierarchy: Advisor, Student Council, building principal or designee.

  1. Secure a school faculty member to act as advisor.
  2. Submit in writing to building administration completed Howell High School Application Packet by the end of the first quarter.
  3. Seek approval from principal or designee. 

Renewal Process

Hierarchy: Advisor, Student Council, building principal or designee.

  1. Secure a school faculty member to act as advisor.
  2. Resubmit in writing to building administration completed Howell High School Application/Renewal Packet by the end of the first quarter.
  3. Seek approval from building principal or designee. 

Annual Report

Each organization is requested to submit an annual report to the building principal or designee by May 31. This report should reflect the organization’s goals, accomplishment(s), and competitions (where appropriate). A Google Form will be available under the student club tab of HHS website.

Club Varsity Letter (optional)

Clubs may issue varsity letters to students who meet the approved criteria. Varsity letter criteria will be approved in the application process. Varsity Letters should signify Club or have identifying symbols distinguishing that it is a varsity letter for participation in a club rather than another HHS activity (athletics, academics, band, or choir). Varsity letters are at the club’s expense and may be ordered through the athletic office or another vendor.

Request to Display a Banner/Flag

Advisor must complete and provide the following:

  1.  Follow the approved design of the banner/flag
  2. Include proof that there is consensus from club members in support of the club display. 
  3. Include a plaque or description with the club mission statement.

Banner/Flag Criteria for Club Displays

It is the privilege of active clubs to display a club banner/flag at the high school. The club’s banner/flag must adhere to the following:

Banner/Flag Management

1. Flags/banners are to be displayed only during meetings.

2. Flags/banners will be ordered through administration.

3. Include only club name, Highlander and Howell High School.

4. Flags/banners must be green background with gold letters.

5. Flags/banners must represent the general club.

6. Intent and purpose of flags/banners is to recognize the club, not individual(s) within the given club.

7. Flag will be given to Principal’s office if the advisor/sponsor discontinues overseeing the club or the club no longer meets.


- Provide a picture similar to the graphic representation below:



- The club’s mission statement is included on the plaque accompanying banner/flag.

Howell High School Club/Activity Application