Howell Public Schools Fire Academy

Howell Public Schools operates an educational program for high school juniors and seniors in preparation for the state certification exam for firefighters. This rigorous and robust program allows a student to gain experience and demonstrate proficiency in basic firefighting and rescue techniques and it provides the credentials necessary to become employed with local fire departments. The state requires that students attend at least 90 percent of the classroom time and 100 percent of the practical skills time presented in the course. In addition to normal meeting times, one additional Saturday per month is required, allowing the students more time to get into scenario-based practical skills training.

Admission to the program is very competitive. Students will undergo a thorough review of academic and personal preparation where grades, attendance, citizenship, and teacher references will be considered. Students are required to attend physical training sessions before class, practical sessions on weekends, and public service activities during school breaks, during weekends and in the evening. Students can expect to be involved with class related activities approximately 20 hours per week.

Firefighter students are expected to report, in uniform, at the beginning of each class period by standing at attention for roll call, presenting personal gear for inspection, and showing evidence of the completion of all assignments. The course is conducted on a military model where physical fitness, discipline and decorum are highly valued.

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